February 1, 2017

Are you ready for the 12 week Jump Start Challenge? For those of you who desire to lose body fat and weight, I am offering the following challenge:

Give yourself 4 weeks and if it is working for you, then continue the same plan for another 8 more weeks till you reach your goal.

The challenge goes as follows:
1. Began circuit training 3 times a week with machine weights for first 4 weeks.
2. For the next 8 weeks incorporate some free weights into your circuit training.
Mondays – Wednesdays – Fridays or Tuesdays – Thursdays - Saturdays
Circuit training working entire upper and lower body. Perform daily cardio of 30 – 45 minutes.

Meal Plan:
Meal #1-
4-6 egg whites scrambled & 1 ˝ cup of strawberries mixed with blueberries or
4-6 egg whites scrambled & ˝ or 1 cup of oatmeal made with water and cinnamon, sweetened with applesauce on days you do your circuit training.
Meal #2 - 1 handful of walnuts or almonds
Meal #3 - 4-6oz of salmon – tilapia or tuna with your choice of fresh vegetables 1 ˝ cup
Meal #4 - 1 handful of walnuts or almonds
Meal #5 - 5oz of tilapia with 1 ˝ cup fresh vegetables of choice

Always drink plenty of water. Bodyweight X .66 = ounces of water to drink daily. Take your supplements to compliment your plan. You can always manipulate your meal plan with another lean meat etc. as long as you stay away from breads, dairy products, and sugar for those 12 weeks.

  • Take front, side, and back photos of yourself once every four weeks of the challenge; include the date in those photos.

  • Email those photos with your name, age and contact information to skiesthelimit@satx.rr.com

  • I will choose one participant and feature his/her story in the SA Monthly Magazine.

Should you need further guidance with the plan call me at (210) 452-7543 to make an appointment for a fitness evaluation. Or contact a qualified fitness trainer with knowledge on nutrition and one who knows proper body mechanics and technique with exercise equipment.

Let’s get healthy San Antonio and do this together. I will be participating in the challenge as well. The time is now! Let’s do this!!

Always check with your doctor, anytime you start any exercise or eating program. Share the plan with your doctor before moving forward with the challenge.

Skie Molinar

SA Monthly Fitness Editor
Contributing writer for Angel Rising Magazine
Anti-Aging & Sports Medicine Certified
Master of Fitness Sciences
Associate in Applied Sciences Physical Therapy
Professional Pilates Instructor for Health Care Professionals
Empire Who’s Who

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